The Body Shop


Bring the Body Shop back to its original state. I want to portray a natural, earthly, organic feeling. 

Marketing Plan

Create a corporate campaign with billboards, outdoor ads, and magazine ads. 

Target Audience

25 - 35 years old urban styles. (city life)

Income - from 25,000 to 55,000

Victoria By Elizath


Create a brand awareness through ads and social media to create a traffic through  website and manage the inventory. 

Marketing Plan

Create VBE channel through YouTube to reach other demographic beside the SoCal. this strategy will create the brand awareness.

Create a blog and follow the others blogger related to fashion and style.

Target Market

Female 25 - 35 years old

Income $20k - $65k

30 Second Commercial

Victoria By Elizabeth

Method Laundry Detergent


Developing effective advertising strategies and copy executions that underlie and enable creative marketing and advertising campaigns and cultivate clear, logical, and creative copywriting. Create an ad with copywriting skill to target the students that method luandry detergent is the only product can solve the solution for every problem. 

Marketing Plan

Full page magazine ad


college students

Social Media/Bloggers